Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Definition of Morality

Morality is something to be questioned, not many people can say right away with it with a straight definition. Morals teach about responsibility and respect for others, also they give you the knowledge to know right from wrong. Morals are something that you gain throughout life as you grow up from your surroundings. Morals are learned from surroundings, for example Disney channel movies. Children grow up watching them at parties, with their families, or even at school, each of these movies have different morals and life lessons that are very important for children to learn about life. Pinocchio teaches that lying is wrong, Cinderella teaches that you can come from nothing, but still be something, Aladdin shows that wealth does not matter and to not be someone you are not, Little Mermaid proves that you can live the life the way you want to live it and follow your dreams, and Cars teaches children to help others, and put others needs before your own. The morals that children learn when they are young are very important and it is necessary to teach them that some people start to lose their morals as they grow older and they do not have the constant reminder of what is right and wrong or without their parents reminding them and giving them examples. In the song Put Your Lights On by Santana the lyrics tell how when children grow older and into adults they lose their morals and they need to remember them and it is important to learn early how important they are and how important they are to keep.

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  1. I agree completely with the concept that as children grow into teen hood and then into adults, they loose constant reminders of morals teaching them right from wrong. But, they are brought up to know what right is from wrong their entire childhoods, so that when they live off on their own they will know and lead good lives. Do people ever purposely steer off their paths of morals even though they know it is wrong?